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Leadership Coaching

Culture, team, and trust in leadership are fundamental to a company's success and sustainable competitive advantage. 

Our leadership coaching services are designed to facilitate the professional development and growth of your leadership team to build a strong and meaningful culture and to boost leadership effectiveness at all career stages to survive and thrive.

  • Build and evolve a winning culture to match the growth of your company

  • Mentor leaders on interdisciplinary team management and develop effective communication skills 

  • Improve capability of effective decision-making in time of change and transitions


We have decades of building and managing large multi-disciplinary teams of software engineers, biologists, and other scientists and engineers. We have also successfully mentored young leaders in multiple rapid-growth biotech startups as they evolve their own teams and cultures. Connect with us to learn more.

Team Building

In the age of digital transformation and technology innovation, business success increasingly depends on a more collaborative, adaptive, and innovative workforce.

Our expert team-building services help you to:


  • Define and shape a more adaptive and agile workforce to optimize the path to reach your organization goals 

  • Build and evolve technical teams to achieve full potential and effectiveness

  • Diagnose impediments to team success and provide resolutions for better performance

We have led teams who built systems that helped map and sequence the first human genome; built and managed informatics for the nationwide BioWatch system; delivered the first systems to perform microbial forensics at the point of need; and built and commercialized a microarray that can detect over 12,000 distinct microbial species. We have also successfully built software development teams in  the semiconductor and cybersecurity industries for multiple global companies and products. Our diverse experience will help you to create a strategic talent plan and shorten the path to a vibrant future workforce. Connect with us to learn more.

Technology Consulting

The rapid innovation and transformation in technology and science industries demand reimagination, acceleration, and customer experience to grow the business, create value, and reinvent the future.

Our technology consulting services provide the right guidance, thought leadership and design recommendation with a focus on outcome to help you achieve technical excellence, including the following areas and more:

  • Biosecurity in Synthetic Biology 

  • Pathogen diagnostics technology and applications

  • Development of safe and secure software applications

Our team has extensive consulting experience in biotechnology, with engagements ranging from 1-day to multiple years. We have helped companies perform critical hiring, design flexible and scalable data management systems, and served as director or advisor to multiple biotech startups. We have been regularly engaged by both the CDC and FDA to advise on topics ranging from reference genomic databases to advanced molecular detection technologies.

Let our unique combination of technical knowledge and proven managerial results help you to succeed and grow in time of technology revolution. Connect with us to learn more.

Industry Training

Our industry training provides insightful knowledge and practical methodology, framework, and know-how for management and development teams to uncover the best technologies, approaches, and solutions for the toughest business and industry challenges, including the following areas and more:

  • Designing effective biosecurity for synthetic biology companies

  • Building secure and safe software with proven methodology, process, and tools

  • Leadership and team management for sustainable growth

We have had many years of experience lecturing in computer science and bioinformatics (UC Davis Dept. of Applied Science and UC Berkeley Extension), coupled with hands-on training of end-users on software security, and DNA sequence analysis systems built by teams we have led.

Talk with us about the custom training that your leadership team needs, or let us help your staff to optimize their current training materials and presentation skills. 

Product Management & Marketing

Success in business is about creating value for customers with the right product and solution that requires not only a great vision of the product but also a thorough understanding of market needs, customer segmentation, technology trends, ecosystem, and competitive landscape, combined with strategic planning and effective execution.

Our product management and product marketing services are designed to help you address why a product should be built,  what is necessary to build a product that customers love,  and how to promote a product to expand your customer base and improve market presence. 

  • Product strategy, planning, and launch based on market research, customer insight, and competitive analysis

  • Go-to-Market strategy, product positioning and differentiation, pricing, and licensing models

  • Product marketing messaging, content, sales and field enablement, and product training

We have extensive experience managing and developing products being used in biotechnology, medical, semiconductor, defense, commercial and consumer electronics, cybersecurity and other industries.  

Connect with us to learn more about why, what, and how to build a winning product that solves urgent and pervasive problems in the market where customers are willing to pay for good value. 

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