Biodefense in the Age of Synthetic Biology

June 19, 2018

We were part of the committee sponsored by the Defense Department that examined the risk impact of advances in synthetic biology.


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Targeted amplification for enhanced detection of biothreat agents by next-generation sequencing

We led a team of researchers who demonstrated the utility of targeted sequencing for cost-effective pathogen detection.


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Axiom Microbiome Array, the next generation

microarray for high-throughput pathogen and

microbiome analysis

February 12, 2019

Beginning in 2006, Tom Slezak led a team at LLNL who developed pan-microbial microarrays to detect all sequenced pathogens. In 2014 a new high-throughput (24 or 96 samples) array format became available which has been commercialized as the Affymetrix Axiom Microbial Detection Array: Read the article

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Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches Axiom Microbiome Array for Research

February 5, 2018

We have commercialized a pan-microbial detection microarray designed by a team we led for 10 years.


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This product won an R&D 100 Award in 2017!

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