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Leadership Coaching 

Achieving competitive and sustainable advantage in growth starts with leadership.

We help emerging leaders and managers from startups to multinationals to identify aspects of communication and management style that could be preventing your staff and company from achieving full effectiveness and to create a culture of trust, respect, and collaboration in time of change.



Investing in people and delivering better performance and results together as a team.


With real world experience and expertise, we strive to help organizations in diversified industries to build cooperative, multidisciplinary, and high performance teams for science and technology innovation and development to achieve  common organizational vision and objectives.

Technology Consulting

Turning innovative ideas into reality and improving lives in both science and business.

As science and technology swiftly evolves and your business rapidly innovates, it is crucial to invest in the future with the right technical guidance, product design, and application solution to optimize the path to success. We are your trusted advisor in bioinformatics, pathogen diagnostics, software security, and related applied fields.



Assisting the global fight against the Novel Coronavirus with high quality medical supplies.

We are now able to provide access to a manufacturer of medical grade sterile swabs (nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal) and transport vials for COVID-19 PCR sampling as well as a rapid test for IgM/IgG antibodies to COVID-19 (serology test, FDA EUA pending). Please contact us for details. 


Biotechnology & Biodefense

Advances in biotechnology and science have a profound global impact in healthcare, agriculture, food and water safety, and biodefense, a complex and often capricious space. 

With extensive experience in many biotechnology and biodefense areas including point-of-care PCR, microarrays, CRISPR, and targeted DNA Sequencing, landing and running large and small government-funded projects, we have the background, contacts and credibility to help you shorten the distance from lab to life-saving products.

Food & Product  Safety

Continuously creating new and better ways to improve our Nation's and world's food supply and product safety is fundamental and provides both opportunity and challenge to the biotechnology industry. 


We have worked closely since 2010 with both the FDA and CDC on aspects of keeping food and products free of dangerous pathogens .

Talk with us about your unique situation and needs, and how upcoming regulatory changes may impact your bottom line.

Human & Animal Health

You are committed to improving human and animal health with your novel diagnostic technology, but  getting new devices approved for human health diagnosis usage in the US is a long and expensive road.

In 2011 we co-chaired the CDC Blue Ribbon bioinformatics panel that led to Congress funding the Advanced Molecular Diagnostics (AMD) program at CDC.

We can help you prepare and optimize your technology to be ready to compete for attention by the world's best in human and animal health.


KPATH Scientific, LLC strives to solve customers' toughest challenges by providing management and technical consulting, coaching, and training services to companies at the nexus of multidisciplinary technologies, including biotechnology, software and healthcare development. Extensive experience in building, motivating, and sustaining high-technology teams to succeed on innovative and complex projects and products can be readily leveraged to meet your specific needs.

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